SRF Nylon Tarpaulin

SKT nylon Tarpaulin

Commander Nylon Tarpaulin
NYLON Tarpaulins

The Triple layer coating of ┬áNylon  Tarpaulins  provides the best protection ever available. While the double layer of PVC coating provides an unpiercable barrier to even the minutest particle of moisture. The special layer of AR Coating provides absolute resistant to abrasion, virtually acts as additional protective shield, protection which can withstand the toughest weather easily.


The DURABILITY of any product depends on the strength of core critical constituents. The Kilo technology reinforced weaved fabric which combines the stability of ordinary weave and high strength of tarpaulin by 60%. Superior coating and 250 kgf of breaking strength gives a unique combination making ┬áNylon  Tarpaulins   truely rugged and durable. Hence idealy suitable for the transport industry this product is also flame retardent ensuring a very high leval of safety.



The high precision fabrication, extra wide welding at the seams, heavy duty eyelets and strong edges etc. ensures long life for the tarpaulin and peace of mind for you.   Nylon  Tarpaulins has the ability to outlast any other tarpaulin by miles which means best price performance ratio among all tarpaulins.