Garware-Wall Ropes is the most preferred brand across the globe for Cordages and Nets catering to the widest range of Industries and Applications.

Our persistent commitment to Quality, focus on Research & Development, well equipped Manufacturing Facilities and understanding of customer needs have propelled our growth to a leading global manufacturer.


Garware-Wall Ropes has designed tailor made Rope Articles to cater to the customer requests for high quality products at competitive prices. The ropes used for fabrication of the rope articles conform to various domestic and international standards and are the best in strength, flexibility and reliability.

Tuf Film
Tuf Mono
Truck Rope
Tuf Line
PE Silver Ropes
Aqua Tuf
Super Tuf (New)
Tuf Pet (New)
Nylo Tuf
Tuf Doc (New)
Tuf Lead (New)
Anchor Line



Applications Used

Geo Applications