Looking for a high-quality cover for your special two wheller or car ? Our covers are custom fit to your particular vehicle by using the patterns we have painstakingly created over the past 25 years. All of our covers are made-to-order, using the material of your choice. We can even create them for rare and one-of-a-kind vehicles, with your specific dimensions.

Covers are designed to protect a Motorcycle from the elements without scratching the delicate paint surface. 5 sizes cover most Motorcylces on the road today, from mopeds to full dress cruisers. Elastic hems on the front and rear keep the cover snug, while nylon grommets allow for security locks to keep the cover secure. Coverking Motorcycle covers are offered in Silverguard, Stormproof, and Stretch Satin - several choices for any protection need!

Sizes include:
Full Dress Cruiser - for Cruisers with saddlebags, windshields, tall rear seats
Cruiser - for Cruisers without windshields and saddlebags
Superbike - designed for the unique shape, fairings, and exhaust of today's Superbikes
Medium - for most Motorcycles which don't fit the aforementioned styles
Small - mopeds, scooters, bicycles.